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Fyrverkerikennel & Hondenkapsalon Fiocco

Serendipity Dog Rapunzel

Buenos dias, my name is Serendipity Dog Rapunzel. But over here in my new home they just call me Alegria! This name means joy in Spanish and since I come from Spain they gave me this name. I joined my new family after a big plain/train/car travel, but I was not afraid at all. It was very interesting to see all this new places and people. When I got home this strange kind of dog came to me. It didn't bark at all it only said "Miauw", my new mom told me that that was a cat. And that those tails are not meant to bite in. My best friend in this house is Owen and my hobbies are following everybody and sometimes being a little bit naughty ;-)

Soon I'm going to start showing on dogshows, wonder how that will go. I have accompagnied my big brother Owen to some, and he says it's so much fun. I hope it will be and that you soon can read some of my nice results!! We will keep you posted thank you for reading my page.


First picture taken, only few hours old

Alegria (9 days old)

Alegria (15 days old)

Opening my eyes for the first time

Alegria (50 days old)

Posting for Christmascards

Alegria (57 days old)

Posing for Christmascards again

Alegria (8 weeks)

Right before she left to Belgium

Alegria sleeping

The travel was very exhausting!!