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Fyrverkerikennel & Hondenkapsalon Fiocco

Izzalee Fyrverkeri

Hii there,

my name is Izzalee or shortened Izzy. Emilie my mommy's daughter likes to call me Izzy Wizzy Woo and then I get really excited because I like her but not as much as I like my mommy. Mommy is the one that handles me in the showring. And although I like showing it's hard because I have to stand really still and I'm more like a mover.

I like playing in the garden with my two brothers, Iorek and Shakka Jr. (who's going to Norway in September 2010).

My mommy told me that I'm her little favorite and together with her we compete against Iorek and Emilie. But in the end we're al just friends and happy for eachother when one of us wins. In June 2010 I went to this very big show called the World Dogshow and there were a lot of other dogs. And in the ring I became second best puppy of breed. Everybody was so proud of me and I didn't really understand why but I thought as long as everybody is hugging me and giving me cookies, who cares.



Izzy (7 weeks)

Izzy en Tine

Izzy (1.5 years old)
going for a walk with friends

Izzy (1.5 years old)


Wait I'll come to you


I love being petted

Izzy head

Ooh I love walks

Izzy head (1.5 years old)


"Come chicken chicken!!"

Izzy and Owen

Double stack