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Fyrverkerikennel & Hondenkapsalon Fiocco

Gofabulous Fyrverkeri

Hey you all,

my name is Phoebe well actually it's Gofabulous Fyrverkeri. Normally my litter was planned for the F-year and I was going to be Fabulous Fyrverkeri but my mother came in season to late so we were born in the G-year. And Emilie wanted to have a fabulous and had 2 letters spare so she added Go before Fabulous. And that became my name Gofabulous.

My brother is Geronimo Fyrverkeri and with him I can play a lot. But I don' t like it when Gaston Fyrverkeri my other brother is around too. He's owned by Joke the oldest daughter of the family but she doesn't lives at home anymore but sometimes Gaston comes to play with us. And together with Nimo they always tease me but I still win of them.

Mommy says I'm a real actress and that I have a way to wind everyone around my finger and I don't even have fingers. I always act that I'm a very sad girl and then everyone gives me attention and cookies. So I guess it comes in handy that I'm a real actress. I like mommy and Emilie very much but I like daddy too because I'm the only one that gets anything from him from the table. I think I'm daddy's little girl.

I don't really like showing although I became a hopprinses in Junior Class. I like it more to just be at home with all my friends.




On a walk at home


Ooh we love mud!!

Phoebe en Tine (RIP)

together with her mom joining us on a walk

Phoebe & Tine

Phoebe standing and her mom resting a bit


in Junior Class, ending up 3rd BIS Junior and gaining the title Hopprinses


on the show!!