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Fyrverkerikennel & Hondenkapsalon Fiocco

Corazon Del Ghyryo


I'm Corazon Del Ghyryo and Cora for the friends. When Marina first saw me she felt in love with me. Probably because I was so cute and with a lot of hair when I was a puppy. When Marina and Guido came to get me from my breeders Guy and Johan I was playing with my sister and I still remember that I hurt myself then.

Then the vet found out that my hip was broken in three places. My mom took some difficult decissions and decided to wait till I was fully grown and see from there if I needed an operation. In the meantime I learnt how to walk with my bad leg and I even can keep up with my friends. And I was so happy to hear that I didn't need the operation. Ok I'm not that flexible as the other ones and I have to see that I don't run to much but I can play and have fun with the other dogs here. I even can have babies. And boy I like to be a mom to much that I still take care of them after three years. Clean their ears and stuff, make shure nobody is naughty,... I had my last litter in december 2009 and however I will miss being a mother, I will make shure that all the puppies in the Fyrverkerikennel will be fine =)

So nice meeting you all and see you next time,