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Fyrverkerikennel & Hondenkapsalon Fiocco

Agram-Can Wind Of Change

Hiii everybody my name is Agram-Can Wind Of Change but they call me just Owen. I came from the famous Agram-Can Kennel in Croatia all the way to Belgium by train with my new mommy. When we were sitting on the train I was totally on my place, everybody made room for me but maybe that was because of my cute looks. On the train mommy told me about a person who was really looking forward to meet me and who was going to be my new special friend, she was named Emilie. When we arrived in Belgium this funny person ran to me calling my name. She acted a bit weird but she was nice to me and I started wagging my tale and kissing her face, she turned out to be Emilie. In the beginning I had to get used to her weird behaviour but now we are two freaks together. We enjoy spending time together so much. Especially in the evening we watch television together and then she lets me sleep on her lap. But ofcourse I have to make room for Nimo sometimes.

I still remember my first morning in my new home, I met this weird looking dogs. They had long, hairy coats and weird looking faces and tales. So I was a bit out of my comfort-zone but after 5 minutes I found out that those long hairs are really fun to bite in, so they became my new toys. When I was in Belgium for a couple of days they took me to this place where dogs learned how to behave like showdogs. It was hard for me but Emilie always lets me play and sometimes even bite her hands so it isn't that boring for me. And afterwards we always play with my special toy. Now I'm already in Belgium for a couple of months and I enjoy it here a lot!! I have a lot of friends to play with everyday, I have ducks who I can chase living in the canal across the street and a family who loves me very much!!!! I couldn't wish for anything else!!!

Owen (8weeks)

First picture we saw from him


Together with the owner of his dad Iva

Owen (3 months)

First show


Give me that lead and I'll walk myself!!


Freestacking with big stick

Owen freestacking

Give me that ball!!


Doing professional photoshoot with my human Emilie

Owen and Emilie <3


Give me a kiss!!


Dogshow Mechelen, we gained Best Junior and selected among best 6 in the main ring

Owen Brussels Youth Winner

Owen 1st Exc. Junior Class + Crufts Qualification!!

Top Junor Golden Retriever

Our Lux JCH Agram-Can Wind Of Change gained Top Junior Golden of Belgium of 2011!!